We recognize that early childhood education should be a journey, not a race. Each child will travel in his own pace according to his individual background of prior experience as well as current and future needs. Our goal is to help develop the whole personality of each child through motor, sensory and intellectual learning situations. This will be done through our developmentally appropriate activities and exciting experiences in the curriculum.

  • Progressive curriculum to stimulate creativity and individuality.
  • Experienced faculty from India and abroad
  • Innovative pedagogies in tune with changing needs in higher education and industry.
  • Project-based learning to encourage healthy competition as well as teamwork.
  • Ample opportunities for co-curricular activities for overall development of the student.
  • Extra mile to bridge the gap through 21st century skills.
  • Collaboration and exchange programes with leading schools & training partners in Singapore.

CBSE Board

The curriculum of St. Anthony’s School follows the mandates of the Central Board of Secondary Education. Today our school is divided into the following units: Kindergarten (JKG and SKG), Primary (1st Grade to 5th Grade) and Middle School 6th Grade.

The Faculty utilizes various strategies to teach students of all ability levels and we ensure continuity from one Grade level to the next. To help further diversity in teaching techniques and to implement curriculum and CCE guidelines in letter and spirit, the faculty participates in in-service workshops and external teacher empowerment programs.

Value based Education

To instil values in children from their very early stages of life, St. Anthony’s School will be laying a lot of emphasis on Value based education.

It is essential for students to learn moral science which will help in their overall development. Considering the materialistic outlook, the current generation’s need to learn the significance of the subject increases all the more. Moral Science classes are required for each student, and are an integral part of the curriculum at every grade level.

Catholic students will follow the charism of St. Anthony through catechism classes. They take an active role in school liturgies as lectors, altar servers, gift bearers, etc. The students learn and practice their Catholic faith through interaction with other students, and the faculty and staff. Catechism classes are required for each catholic student, and our catholic faith is an integral part of the curriculum at every grade level.

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Our school provides instruction in Mathematics within a supportive learning environment. The teachers present Math concepts and practise Math-related skills with a focus on the acquisition and mastery of basic skills, and integrate the use of technology beginning in Kindergarten. Recognizing the importance of learning along a continuum, the faculty implements group activities using manipulative skills. The use of real-life experiences and authentic assessments in the Math curriculum provides opportunities for problem solving, logical reasoning and critical thinking.

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Interactive English integrates reading, grammar, spelling, penmanship, vocabulary and oral presentations. It is used across the curriculum at every grade level. Our program strives to instil love of reading and develop good writing skills from the prosaic to the creative and imaginative. All the major types of writing styles are taught; Narrative, Persuasive, Cause/Effect, Expository and Descriptive. Creative multimedia projects support and reinforce language art skills. Oral presentations begin in Kindergarten with Show and Tell to more formal presentations required at the higher-grade levels.

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The official language of the country is taught as second language up to Grade 4. Thereafter they have the option of choosing between Hindi, Tamil and French as their second language. Children are introduced to the language at the Kindergarten level through rhymes, pictures and flashcards of the letters of the alphabet and storytelling sessions. This would help ease them into the subject when they reach Grade 1 and then they are introduced to the intricacies of language learning.

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All the students must be equipped with the ability to speak, read and write the regional language. Hence Tamil is a compulsory third language up to Grade 4. Children at the Kindergarten level are introduced to the language through casual conversation, rhymes, stories and pictures, and flashcards of the letters of the alphabet. From Grade 1 level onwards the higher language skills of reading, vocabulary, spelling and writing are introduced.

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Science/ Environmental Studies

Our students study Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science throughout all grade levels. Through experimentation, our students use scientific inquiry and the scientific method to make observations and inferences. Students recognize relationships, predict outcomes, use variables, interpret data, draw conclusions and record them. Language arts are integrated into Science through journaling, lab reports and research paper/projects in the upper grades.

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Social Studies

The study of families and neighbourhoods is introduced in the primary grades. It later expands to include the study of local, state and national communities. Current events and good citizenship are introduced in Kindergarten and are developed throughout each grade/level.

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Physical Education

The Physical Education Program strives to enhance individual and team skills as well as each student’s level of physical fitness through a variety of age-appropriate sports and activities. Personal responsibility for fitness and individual skill development is encouraged in every student. Health education is incorporated into our program, including such topics as nutrition, CPR, first aid and drug awareness.

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Art and Craft

In the kindergarten, primary and middle school grades, various art supplies as well as different techniques to create works of art and craft are used.

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Our technology curriculum is integrated into our students’ entire educational experience. They learn to use a variety of applications, educationally designed software and online learning tools that create an avenue for collaborative learning. Interactive Whiteboards as well as the addition of mobile computing using laptops and Net books have enhanced the curriculum through interactive leaning.

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All students visit our fully automated library. Kindergarten classes learn library etiquette, caring for and appreciating books as well as listening skills, while cultivating a love of reading. In all grades, borrowing books is introduced and the sense of responsibility for returning them on time is cultivated.

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Music classes are offered in all grades. The students learn rhythms through clapping, singing and/or playing instruments. Some skills learned are simple notations that include pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and tempo. Students vocalize the “home tone” of familiar and unfamiliar songs, and demonstrate appropriate posture and breathing techniques while performing songs, rounds, or canons in unison with a partner.

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World Language (French)

A world language is introduced as a second language option to students from Grade 5 level onwards with an emphasis on basic grammar and culture. World language is taught for the purpose of communication and heightening students’ linguistic and cultural awareness of their local, state and world community.