About SAS

St. Anthony’s, the next generation CBSE School, under the umbrella of the Jeppiaar Institute of Technology Kunnam, Sunguvarchatram, Sriperumbudur came into being on 01st June 2021, with the clear vision of providing educational experience with a difference and grooming young children to be responsible leaders and sensitive citizens of the world.

Here the children are provided with modern and concise learning experience and state-of-the-art facilities. Our school aims at moulding the next generation with education of international standards so that they may be ready for the competitive world. The main goal of St. Anthony’s School is overall development of the child, while at the same time training them to be competent and compassionate leaders.

The faculty uses various strategies, diverse techniques and guidelines to encourage each student to be the best. The children are encouraged to express themselves without fear and to evolve to their fullest potential.


Driven By a Vision

We are committed to educating and empowering young people to be leaders with integrity, outstanding skills and compassion. Together with our students, faculty, alumni, parents and international partners, we aim to build a sustainable and equitable world. Our goal is the all-round development of children in order to make them future ready, competitive and value-based citizens of the world.

Mission Statement of St. Anthony’s School, Kunnam, Sunguvarchatrm, Sriperumbudur, Chennai.

Rooted in the visionary Dr. Marie Wilson (founder & MD of Jeppiaar Institute of Technology) the school shall impart quality Value based, holistic education and strive to achieve, within the next three years, maximum physical and mental health of our students to enhance the quality of their lives. Physical health will be developed through regular exercise, yoga, indigenous games and training in martial arts, dance and sustained sensitization programmes regarding healthy food habits. To promote good mental health and to inculcate strong moral values and strength of character, the school will arrange for music classes, seminars and interfaces with health experts, NGOs and achievers from different fields.

Logo Story

Shield - A shield logo implies that a brand (JIT) can be trusted to always provide its stakeholders academic rigour and intellectual formation.

The shield logo communicates stability, protection, longevity, tradition, solidity, boldness and confidence.

Dove - Across cultures, the dove represents sacredness, importance of God as the source of knowledge, purity, gentleness, devotion, beauty, and faith.

Leading with Foresight and Compassion.

Olive Branch - Symbol of Peace and tranquillity.

Three Colour Combinations - Reminds the parents, teachers and the school community work in collaboration for the betterment of students.

Dr. Marie Wilson – Educator

Dr. Marie Wilson is an exceptional educator. His acute intelligence, common sense and profound spirituality led him to create a system of education that develops the whole person – body, heart, mind and spirit. It enhances growth and freedom while putting the child at the centre of the whole educational enterprise.

To distinguish his method from the repressive system of education prevalent in society, he called his own method the “Whole-Child Education”. Child-centered instruction means using the child as the starting point for lesson plans and for developing curriculum. Within that is this notion of whole-child education, which means that we are not just looking at children to fill up with academic information. We see children as whole human beings who have academic needs, social-emotional needs, physical needs, as well as the need for the development of character. As we build a child-centered, whole-child program, we are trying to think about not just filling the mind, but filling the heart as well.

That’s why the importance to individual child and value integrated teaching is imparted through the curriculum at St. Anthony’s. He strongly insists that the character education is so critical and should be intertwined throughout St. Anthony’s experience. The whole-child concept is really about giving children many opportunities to shine and develop.

The Education at St. Anthony’s create a climate that ‘draws forth’ (education) the best in the child, that encourages the child’s complete and fullest self-expression, that assists young people in acquiring habits that will lead them to opt in favour of what is good, healthy, joyful and life-enhancing.

SAS School Details

School Name St. Anthony’s School
Address JIT Campus, Kunnam, Sunguvarchatram,
Sriperumbudur, Chennai - 631604,
Tamilnadu, India.
School contact Number +91-9840-420-003/ 044-27159000
School Email ID ofice@stanthonysschool.org
School’s Website www.stanthonysschool.org
Landmark JIT Campus